Saturday, January 29, 2005


Studying in my room at med-school in Rohtak, India.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

So, school's over in just a day. All I have tomorrow is an English final and a vocabulary quiz which I am not expecting to be all that difficult. My chemistry final was ok, I missed some but I dont expect to miss 30 out of 110, so I'm cool with that. The anatomy final was kind of tough because I didn't study for it, but I didn't worry about that as I already have an A in the class.

After school's over tomorrow, I'm probably going out somewhere for lunch and a movie or something, so that should be fun. We got our yearbooks and they do look pretty awesome. This morning when Mr. Loritz saw my empty yearbook (because I had forgotten to bring it to school the day before) he was like, do you not have any friends Ashish? in front of the entire class...yea, it was embarrassing but whatever. I have a crapload of more people that I have to get to sign it tomorrow.

I'm planning on going on a cruise and probably to the Grand Canyon/Las Vegas in a week or so. Until then I don't really know what I'll be up to besides relaxing before June 20th which is when I'll probably have to go to India because med school may start on July 1st depending on where I get in. So, it all depends. I really think I should work out before going to India. Ill probably end up doing that starting in a couple of days.

I also want to improve this shitty website, so I'll probably spend some time doing that. Besides that, I'll probably post pics of me in India and me at the HOSA State be expecting that in a day or two.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My first audio post- mainly about finals- really does sound cool.
audio post

hey, school's almost over. I just have a few more days and then we're done

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yea...its been a while since i've blogged because I'm lazy, but I'll try to blog from now on.

School has been going ok except for teh 76% I have in Mr. Ruff's class thanks to my Realism test. I got a 7- on my unforgiven/shane essay which is bad but not too bad. The chemistry test has been postponed to tuesday and my us history test to thursday, so I'm happy.

I'm finally going to start studying for APs that are coming up in just about 2 months. Chemistry and Physics are going to be really tough, but I'm shooting for 4s in both as 3s would be bad.

I actually heard Mr. Loritz cuss in class on wednesday which was interesting as our entire class was talking for 15 minutes into class and was astounded to hear his "Shut the Hell Up!!!". It was also funny at the same time.

I watched Something's Gotta Give with John Ku and Ng and it really sucked. It is the worst movie I've ever watched. Yes there were some scenes with old Jack Nicholson making out with a 40-year old woman which were weirdly interesting but the movie just dragged on and on, and when I thought it would finish it just continued. And the movie ended so late that everything was closed by then and so we went over to Del Taco and ate some stuff and then got back home by 11:30.

School is tough right now and APs are coming up, so is Nats for Science Bowl but after its all over I might be going on a tour of the world, like 10 countries or something for 40 days before going to India, so I'm happy.

I'll post pictures whenever I have time later..

Stuff I've been hearing in class lately:
Mrs. Moho- "I cannot stand little immature kids"(referring to the forensics kids)- haha
Mr. Ltz- "..but the thing thats really good about smoking is that it makes you look good"..."Ah man I wish I could be like that (referring to ppl smoking in Fight Club)- loritz is loritz

Friday, February 20, 2004

Its been a long time since I have blogged and I've decided to start blogging again.

My grades have been suffering this semester. I think I have about an 84 percent in Chemistry...yikes and a low B in English11AP. I'm not doing too well in physics as we have only had two pop-quizzes in that class since the beginning of this semester and I didn't do too well on them either. I just started Anatomy this semester. The class is not too hard, its just that the homework every week takes about 4 hours every week and then studying for the weekly tests takes about an hour as well. Statistics is going ok as I haven't been doing too horribly on the tests.

Besides that, I went to Las Vegas a while ago. It was fun, we stayed at the Aladdin and we roamed around. Yes, and I saw the card slappers on the streeets passing out nudity, it was bad i guess. But it was fun walking through the hotels and on the strip at night. The most unexpected thing happened. We went to go watch the Venetian because all the other shows were at weird times or they were too expensive. When we got to the show they told us that they upgraded the seats for free because all of the higher level seats had been filled. The show was cool and everything but that wasnt the cool part. When we were leaving we saw my dad's old friend from West Virginia with his son who is at Duke. We were totally surprised. Then we were with them and ate at cool restaurants and walked into hotels and all. The hotels' roofs look like its actually outside, but its all inside and it is so cool. We also went on a simulator ride in the hotel Caesar's palace. Overall the trip was really fun.

We also went skiing in Mammoth, but I'll write about that later.

I'll also post pictures from my trip to India, Las Vegas, and Mammoth.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Now its been almost 4 months since I blogged last. Interesting things have happened since, I just have been too lazy/busy to blog.

Ok, well we won science bowl on Saturday. No one was expecting it, but yes we ended up winning against Highland and BHS. I was really happy. I guess we just got really lucky. Then I had tons of homework to finish over the weekend as I hadn't started my English Essay or studying for my chem test and I got a B- on my last chem test anyways.

The Chemistry test today wasn't too bad today, but I know I made some multiple-choice/significant figures errors.

Physics is going ok although it is becoming weirder every day. The relativity stuff is way above me and almost no one understands it because it is really confusing.

English is ok, but we have to do tons of reading. We watched Shane and Unforgiven and I personally thought than Shane was a much better movie. Now my essay is due on Thursday and its very, very crappy. I'll post it after all the editing and stuff.

Anatomy/Physiology started this semester. That class isn't too hard except the homework he gives in really long and takes a lot of time to finish. Besides that the class isn't all that hard.

Statistics is going fine. Like always, even worse now, I do the assingment right before class starts i.e. I jot down a couple of answers from the back of the book and randomly in the few minutes before class starts. Yes, I know I am really lazy but what can I say.

I have to start prepping for the AP Chem and Physics tests especially because APs are only 2 and a half months away.

Lots of other interesting stuff has happened recently but I'm not really in the mood to blog a lot right now, I'll write later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

yeah...i haven't blogged in almost two weeks, school's really been going pretty hectic nowadays. I actually feel kind of sleepy at the moment, so I'll write about stuff a little later....

Friday, November 14, 2003

It's finally here. Today is my birthday, and I enjoyed the day. I didn't really do anything major for my birthday, except for going out to dinner with my family and eating a lot of good food throughout the whole day. Otherwise, today was just a normal day without my doing any homework after getting back from school.

I'm not really in the mood to blog right now, so I'll blog in detail Later.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHISH or GUPTA if thats what you prefer....or for those other people gupdog seems more natural to them....

Monday, November 10, 2003

Guess what...I decided to do AP myself. I don't know why this thought occurred to me after a fourth of the year was over, but hey. I was talking to my sister yesterday and I told her that I apparently had a lot of free time in which I do practically nothing, and if reading the AP Biology book by myself and then taking the test would benefit me in medical school, and she said that it definitely would. So, I started reading that long kind-of-confusing book yesterday and I actually got through chapter 2 and 3 of it, which weren't so bad. Chapter three gets confusing about the end because it starts talking about H+ and OH- ions, but I eventually understood it after reading it a couple of times. Props to Aaron Mohammadi especially for telling me to read the book and not just the cliffs notes....and also Jkoh.

Tomorrow's Veterans Day and I have a physics test on Wednesday (I still dont know half of the material, after reviewing it today....its kind-of-confusing but I should eventually understand it) and I have a Romanticism test on Thursday as well as a Chemistry quiz Thursday, and then as always there's a Stats Quiz Friday. So, this seems about the period where school starts getting more busy/tough. I do have minor assignments/quizzes in my 2 CP classes coming up, but I'm not so worried about them. Lets hope physics comes to me by doing the ditto/practice problems over and over again.

And...I'd really like to thank Keing for helping me loads in Statistics. He is really a nice guy, and went through the entire 7.1 with me today, lots of thanks to him. As always, I start bugging Loritz in lunch and after school from the day he announces a test or from the day I feel it coming soon; but Mr. Loritz is really a cool guy and puts problems into excellent perspective once you ask him. Extra thanks to him for letting me photocopy his answers to the review sheet.

What else....after school I pretty much just watched some CNN and then cleaned my extremely dirty backpack out and then got to work. I finished all the Chemistry homework today and a lot of the physics. I hope to finish all of Stats before I go to bed today. So, tomorrow doesn't look too bleak except for my studying for that dreaded English11AP Romanticism test.

I can't believe that the Lakers lost again and this time to the Memphis Grizzlies and not just by a point or two but by 10 points. Lakers 95; Grizzlies 105; They really did play horribly....

So....I'll get back to some Stats and then sleep asap....Later....and I'll post some of the pictures I salvaged from the ones that I took in India (lots of them got destroyed because my laptop crashed after about 6 out of my stay of 9 months)...yeah but I'll post them as soon as I get the time as I plan on just copying the HTML and stuff from MJ's site...thanks to her.....

Friday, November 07, 2003

yeah... I haven't updated in a while, because I've been pretty tired and lazy over the past couple of days.

All of my classes are going pretty well and nothing all that major has been happening, because I haven't had any tests over the past week or so, except for that Stats Quiz today which wasn't that hard except for #5 on the front, which I got slightly confused about, but the rest wasn't too bad.

Chemistry, is going on as usual, with Mrs. Mohammed being in a bad mood with me for my apparent stupidity, but a lot of other people have some problems in that class as well but oh well. She yelled at me extremely loudly "GUPTAAA" in front of the class and then I asked her my question, but whatever....I think its really just a habit that she has.

The Science Bowl meeting wasn't too good because I didn't know a single question and subsequently got embarrassed by Mrs. Mohammed and Mrs. Baehr because of it, but I really don't mind. I'm just going to start working on some AP Biology get ready for that test.

Math Club, is going pretty well except for that fact that I missed many really basic AlgebraI questions at that last meeting, but I guess the more practice I get now the better I'll be later.

I really freaked out about Stats because I got a 24 on that last quiz, and that is way too bad to do in one of my easier classes. It is probably because I don't do the homework.

We had a Physics Lab today, which was astoundingly easy (Dropping coffee filters from a certain height, and just increasing the mass), so yeah...physics isn't too bad except for that fact that to get good grades on his tests you can't just memorize; you have to have a complete knowledge of the subject.

Playing chess in lunch is actually getting pretty fun and interesting against Aaron Mohammadi because sometimes he makes the dumbest mistakes, but hey so do I.

I'm trying to get a good HOSA Bowl team together and the odds are in fact not against me because all the teams Stockdale has sent to HOSA competition over the last 4 years have all placed 3rd or above and have all gone to Nationals which is a pretty outstanding accomplishment. Now, the pressure just remains for one good team to get together...and Mrs. Burke (our extremely nice Medical Academy teacher) is trying to do so, so I hope to be successful in that.

I'm thinking of starting AP Biology because it will really help me in Medical School in India, and I already have the AP Biology material and help, I just need to utilize it; so reading AP Biology should be fun over the next couple of months.

We started reading "Arrowsmith" in English12CP and we discuss the book in class and then have open-note quizzes on the chapters ever so often. It's a pretty good book as it is medical oriented about a student who goes to medical school with a great interest, and his life there and then the book discusses his love-life in quite a bit more detail than expected, so it is quite interesting.

English11AP is going fairly well right now. We haven't had an essay to write in a while so I'm actually liking the class. We have a Romanticiism test this Thursday, which if I study for it, I shouldn't have much of a problem on the test at all.

And...I talked to my sister in India today. She's doing alright over there; her second year of medical college just started and she says it isn't too difficult yet, so that's good. I really had a great time talking to her after quite a while, so yeah....

As for the rest of life....Kevin Ng has been very helpful to me in Statistics. I have probably asked him tons of questions over the last week and he hasn't minded it. He really is a nice guy. And then there's AJrdn now MJrdn as usual who is always very helpful. Mohammadi actually has starting acting pretty ok with me now, he used to really bug the crap out of me....but he seems like a nice guy.

As for everything else....I'll blog later....that seems like quite a bit...

And I'll try to post pictures of me, my room etc as soon as I figure out that trick...Later

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Well....SATs were finished yesterday. The math was as easy as I had expected it to be, but some of the vocabulary in the Verbal Sections was pretty difficult and then those Reading Comprehension sections were also fairly hard. I'm expecting above a 1350 on it...lets hope, come November 25thish, I should know.

Maryann was just helping me post, format, and link my essays to this site, so a lot of THANKS to her. I can't believe it, she spent almost an hour telling my illiterate HTML self what to do.

And then....I was reading some Science Bowl stuff and and in the "Handy Science Answer Book" I actually found some pretty neat and interesting stuff. I just found out that Armstrong, Eldin Jr, and Collins went to the moon but we only remember Armstrong today, pretty interesting........

Anyways, I barely had any homework this weekend, so yeah.... I'm getting pretty tired...Later

Friday, October 31, 2003

Today was a fun day in school and all with Halloween and physics.

I am starting to have some thoughts that occur to me when I think of something really bad. I'm trying to find out a way to post them on my blog, but to do this privately so no one else but me can see these thoughts which recur to me ever so often when my mind starts thinking about some really bad thoughts.

Anyways, that aside I have SAT1s tomorrow for the first time. Lets hope I do really well. I'm hoping for above 1400.

I'll blog sometime tomorrow after Sats. Later for now....

And...Ku is coming for the week of Thanksgiving....sweet.....

Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's been a week since I blogged, but hey school and sats.

I got another 6+ on my divide and classify essay which I'll post as soon as I figure out how. I made a lot of dumb mistakes (put even though and but in the same sentence...really stupid) but whatever. U.S. History is still extremely easy and at times very boring. Chemistry is ok, just had a test missed something like 4 multiple choice so not that bad. Physics is still really tough. I can't believe I got a 84 on my test, but the multiple choice was...confusing on that test. I still haven't been doing my statistics homework, and the stuff is really confusing.

My sister just left this Monday and successfully reached India, so thats cool.

Oh...the Lakers won on Tuesday without Kobe which was neat.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Yay! My hopes of getting an A or at least a B in Mr. Ruff's class are rising. Luckily I have about an 88% in that class right now. Today, we did absolutely nothing in Physics. All we did was talk for the first half of the period and then he tried to do a lab by himself in front of the class, which really didn't work. English12 is pretty easy right now even though I only have a 92%, but then there all always opportunities for extra credit. Stats is getting even more boring with the designing the experiments and stuff. Oh, and I have a test in U.S. History tomorrow for which I studied a total of less than two hours, because I expect it to be really easy.

Today in Lunch, I had to watch a bioterrorism disaster drill video, which was pretty interesting on how these people make-up a fake bioterrorist disaster to test the country. And then there's a mock- disaster drill in Bakersfield on the 8th of November, so i think I have to volunteer for that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


yeah....i've been busy over the last couple of days, so I couldn't post. I had a divide-and-classify essay on virtues due today and also had a physics test, so yeah I was studying for that. The physics test went pretty well but I don't expect anything higher than a 6+ on my essay.

And, guess what? I just got my pictures that I took in India mailed to me. I don't have too many but I do have some and I will the post the couple that I do have as soon as I can figure out how to. Otherwise, I have a U.S. History test on Thursday which I don't expect to be too difficult but I still have to study for that. Chemistry, as always was pretty easy expect for the fact that Mrs. Mohammed yells "Gupta" in the class at least 10 times every single day, and being a non-attention seeker I hate it, but whatever Mrs. Moho's still pretty nice. Statistics is getting more boring than ever because we have to read a lot of the book right now and its really boring expect for the fact that there is a project coming up, so me and ng should have fun doing that the next quarter. And its worth 100 points.

I will also try to post my essays and stuff, just so everyone can see how bad they are, as soon as I figure out how to do that.

Later....starting to read that Romanticism section in English right now.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

well, that test in English11 was easier then I had expected it to be, but i'll still probably end up getting a B on it. I got my topic for English on Wednesday. It's a division and classification essay in which we have to pick a virtue and classify people's lack of it, pursuit, or success with it. I am probably going to choose industry and describe the different types of procrastinators. That doesn't seem too hard. There's a physics test on Tuesday, and I know nothing of what Loritz has taught us over the last 2 worksheets...damn!. U.S. History is still really easy, even though I do have some homework in that class.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Yeah....I forgot to blog yesterday. Anyways, yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. I just got an essay to write in English12 and a test is coming up in English11AP. AP is the hardest English class I have ever been in. The grade in that class is based more on your intelligence than on your willingness to work which makes the class really hard. Statistics is just Statistics. I am finally starting to understand the Physics stuff which makes me real happy!

I played Doug chess but lost horibbly in school but that doesn't matter because I am really not that good at chess.

Oh, and today's the superpan picture day. Yes!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Woa, I'm finally done editing all the colors and stuff without my HTML skills. I feel sort of sleepy, but whatever. Oh, and I still have to study for those tough Ruff vocab quizzes. And, SAT's are coming up in less than 20 days. Yeah, this will be my first time taking SAT Is. Lets hope I do really well on November 1st. Well, I am getting sleepy although its only 10:54pm.

Well, I gtg.....later
So, after-all school is going pretty well except for Ruff's English 11AP class. Physics, I thought is supposed to be really easy, but isn't at all. That class is so tough. I have a 90. something in that class right now and those worksheets that Loritz gives are so extremely tough. But whatever, I should be able to get through that class. U.S. History is really easy and Statistics is also one of those easier classes, especially with all that extra credit. Chemistry isn't too bad, I just really have to work hard in that class and English 12 is ok. Well....later....
Interestingly, 1012 was also the first four digits I randomly selected to put after bulls1012 about six to seven years ago.
My first day.

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